RCN/BTC. A shooting star

BITTREX:RCNBTC   Ripio Credit Network / Bitcoin
Hello to all,
As you a saw today. A magnificent parabolic move just strck RCN out of no where to hit all our targets in one candle achieving our profit targets in less than 30 minutes.
I assume all of us were excited see ripio the shooting star shining after a long path of misery.
However, i cant kept thinking about why did that parabolic move happen? was it just a pump and dump group? if yes, why there was no dump?
I had to go deeper into macro analysis to find out what really happened.
It's Ripio!! Ripio happened. A decentralized lending platform that was tailored to revolutionize the lending industry.
Yesterday, the Platform was put into action releasing loan request in Argentina to ICO early investors.
What happened then? investors started to realize that ripio platform has an actual use that was not just printed in the whitepaper but real actual use in argentina. Increasing demand.
Meanwhile, RCN holders were pouring all their RCN into the lending platform which also decreased supply.
The bubble couldn't hold up anymore, i bursted shooting up ripio as we all saw today.
I can say this with confidence, say goodbye to the 10 cents ripio and join the ride to the 1 dollar ripio.
I expect several parabolic moves to happen within the next couple of months.
As mentioned before supply is decreasing and demand is increasing based what i mentioned before. especially after partnerships are announced.
wait for RCN to break 1787 sat resistance level before placing your buy orders. stop loss at 1632 support. targets are 1898,2010,2189 sat.
You can also place your buy orders at 1632 support and place stop loss on 1606. targets 1719,1898,2010 sat.
these are long targets but due to recent parabolic move, we will have to play more long term. targets may take up to 2 weeks to hit.

交易進行: 1787 sat resistance level broke. targets are 1898,2010,2189 sat
取消訂單: candle did not close wait for it.
交易進行: 1632 support level held. change in stop loss to 1579. targets 1719,1898,2010 sat.
手動結束交易: stop loss triggered. will post another chart
your use of fibonacci is totally incorrect.
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