ReddCoin [RDDBTC] Riding Big Waves

BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
Looks like price of RDD is coming to surprise us in next month.

I'm looking for entry at 61.8 Fibonacci level.

I will sell it partially at key levels.

Entry, set up limit buy: 124

Target 1: 196
Target 2: 300
Target 3: 384
Target 4: 492
交易進行: moving patiently to entry
交易進行: Looks like wave 2 a bit higher than expected. I'm entered in trade at 145
手動結束交易: If price 89 could hold fall, it will be good signal for reverse
評論: Check my last comment^^
Price hold the pressure and moved to 145 today. good profits!
There's no "reason" to own RDD. It's just a good trading coin, or was. This one could go back to November prices.
Someone hold me tight through this...
Im holding through this.. No point in selling at this price. Just wait it out
broke support... going down
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Sanax rszabo021
@rszabo021, yep. will buy on 60-40, then tothemoon
It does not look good. Still active or sell?
@a.shevelev002 update, please! Stop loss?
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What’s stop loss?
Did it just break the channel? Please update
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