RDD 2H Chart 50% Gainer 100% - 10,000%

BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
Here is another trade for everyone! In my trades I am hoping to find quick gainers for folks looking for short investment cycles as well as trades that can be held for long term higher returns. I intend to provide entry points, trade targets, profit gathering plans and stop losses. These trades are based on chart research, technical analysis , and current media/ market perceptions. I advise how I plan to take my unrealized gains(profit) from the trade until I have recouped all my initial investment. At this point you will be trading on house money.I also will point out at which point you can take the initial profit as suggested by the chart for quick gains. As always this is my trade opinion and the strategy i am implementing for my trades. Do your own research and never risk more then you can afford to loose. Please feel free to ask me questions and or comment your thoughts on my ideas.

Thank You & Good Luck!!

Entry Point .00000095 to .00000110
2) Target .00000125 (.382 FIB)
3) Target .00000153 (.236 FIB) Take Profit 50%
4) Target .00000179 Take Profit 25%
5) Target .00000197 (0 FIB) Take Profit 25% (House Money Now)
6) Target .00000198 Heading to Blue Sky

Stop Loss .00000066 30% +/-
Close trade at .00000153 for 50% Gain

Remember to evaluate using your risk model and trading plan. This is a short term/ longterm trade. Patience is the Key! As always I will follow this trade and update it along the way!
評論: This is an update from the previous chart target 1 & 2 were reached 75 & 95 respectively. I Belleville this coin has major upside so I redid my chart.
評論: Passed target 2 on this chart #3 since entry. Look for a long slow run up on this coin!!
評論: Slowly we are getting there. Nice rebound to the BTC drag today. Shows good strength in this coin. Patience
評論: Topping out at 196 closing in on target 5. Reload on this coin at the current price of 137. Patience.
When you say take profit 25% at target 4 you mean 25% of begging amount of RDD or of current amount?
Thanks bro for the updates!
In since 12 sats a couple of months ago. This is my moonshot, so i want to keep it until it reaches an equivalent of 1 USD pe RDD, but i keep doubting to sell the peaks and re-buy on the lows. Any tips there?
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Kriptokrew illisan1
@illisan1, you wouldnt wana let go off this coin, not this year atleast. Since this coin gains along BTC, this should be a very good year for this coin! goodluck! #RDDHODLER
bought in at 74sats! already at 126! 2018 come to papa
vthokiee97 Kriptokrew
@Kriptokrew, good deal. I hope this coin does well for us all.
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thank you for sharing
vthokiee97 dvmcoin
@dvmcoin, hope it helps. Thank you
1 dollar please and this coin makes my year :)
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