Great buy from a technical perspective

BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
Don't know too much about the fundamentals of RDD but I'm a technical trader and like what I'm seeing here. Nice 88.6% FIB bounce (XYZ)Looks like we're gearing up for more possible continuation towards the 1.382 extension. If all goes well we should see some good gains here shortly
Thank you, looks good lets hope he will follow the trend
slrocheleau jasonvanerve
@jasonvanerve, No problem. This is one of the more promising set ups that I've seen lately.
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jasonvanerve slrocheleau
@slrocheleau, Thx, looks good! Looking foward tot your next analysis.
Bought in at 154 thinking i could trade at 161 one last time a couple days ago. Feels a little bad being stuck at 154 rn but i hope to get back in next time we hit 161.
slrocheleau RizeSenpai
@RizeSenpai, I see it going to 350 by months end. Fingers crossed!
slrocheleau slrocheleau
@slrocheleau, will Blow past 154 by the 13th so hodl tight
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RizeSenpai slrocheleau
@slrocheleau, Thinking about selling at 161 and buying back in at 160 before our shoot-up you think that'll work out?
CryptoRon RizeSenpai
@RizeSenpai, Why would you sell and risk buying back higher for near to no profit?
RizeSenpai CryptoRon
@CryptoRon, Im trying ti payoff some fees i had to pay on paxful. I had to pay a little under $7 in fees to get $18.81 worth of BTC before i invested. By trading back and forth between btc and rdd i have $3 back to myself so far. I also wouldn't mind doubling my coin count over the next few months.
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