BINANCE:REQETH   Request Network / Ethereum
Note to self.
Strategy=Long bias

Comment: Major first wave finished and marked major second low around 0.0048 around 61.8% Fibonacci level from zero ground. Here comes the major third wave-"not the shortest wave". Within, the i of 3 marked at 0.00063 then the ii of 3 retraced back to 0.0004x which is 78.6% retracement-a big dip of doubt. Then iii             > iv > v of the major third. MACD indicator needs to turn positive (Power bullish MACD ) soon after dip into bearish territory (shown major 2nd wave). Note that MACD also needs to make a new high to explicit strength in the market. Potential target 0.00198 to 0.0029 REQ/ETH            

Risk: Market is still making a new low in which the second wave does not finish yet. A complete retrace to the ground is still possible.
I'm willing to bet money that you're right!!!
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