看多 (RLC) - Strong Uptrend (430%+ Profits Potential)

I looked at this coin almost a month ago. One of my lovely supporters/followers asked for my help and I did a quick analysis. Yes it was at the bottom, at that time it would have been great. But we just moved into an uptrend, so now it is also great.

Sitting at the rank of 141 in the top cryptocurrency list. iEx             . ec             ( RLC             ) costs $1.97 USD.

People tell me about all the "features", the news and the rest. In the end they are looking for the price to go up, so that they can gain and sell. If that's the goal, then the charts have something that they can tell.

No, let's look at this coin. US... let's trade.

IMPORTANT: Patience is the key. Give this trade several weeks.

*** Instructions:

Buy-in: 0.00013 - 0.000168

Stop-loss: 0.00009502


(1) 0.000188
(2) 0.000244
(3) 0.000333
(4) 0.000400
(5) 0.000480
(6) 0.000710 (New all time high)

*** Indicators:

- I will show you the 2h chart first. I don't do this short term, because I like the look of the channel. I believe it's beautiful. We are obviously on an uptrend and this coin was slow for long.
2H chart:

- Everything looks positive on this chart. The nice curve done by the candles and all the indicators ( MACD , RSI and DMI). Only the STOCH is a big lagging but that one moves really fast. So we are not bothered by it. We do not care.

- In the daily chart , which is the main chart above, you can see the uptrend channel . This is enough for me. The indicators are not "perfect", but they will get to where they need in a few days. Allow this trade time to develop so that you can maximize your gains.

- The weekly chart looks good. The RSI and MACD show plenty of room for growth, and we have nice green candles for the past 4 weeks. Look at it and tell me what you see...

*** Today is a message of love

Today I have love for you.
Today love is what I have to share.

Yes, this trade will make you money, but the main feeling for me is to share.

To share this knowledge that came from nowhere, to give me this job that I love so much.
To share these words every single morning, that can inspire your heart of gold             .

I don't want to take too much of your time.
When you read this, please also send back to me some of your love.

All you have to do is say "Alan, thank you, I will love myself always, no matter what in the past I've done wrong".

Thank you for your message, my dear follower, I accept your love.

交易進行: I hope you are enjoying this trade, the chart is looking really good. I am considering marking the first target reached as it can close to 7% to it, which is within range.

Anyways, I will update if necessary.

Enjoy your profits and thanks for your support.
評論: We are in the positive but still within buy in range.
So feel free to buy-in, re-buy and reload.

Thanks for your support. Always.
評論: I posted this trade exclusively for you and it is doing great.
You guys have great energy.

We've reached several targets, let's update our target list.


(1) 0.000188 *** Target Reached 5-Jan-18 ***
(2) 0.000244 *** Target Reached 12-Jan-18 ***
(3) 0.000333 *** Target Reached 12-Jan-18 ***
(4) 0.000400 *** Target Reached 12-Jan-18 ***
(5) 0.000480 *** Next Target ***
(6) 0.000710 (New all time high)
評論: Feel free to secure some profits; sell some coins and that's your profit.

We already reached 4 targets and this trade was share just 1 week ago.
評論: Here you can take a look at the daily chart, you can see how our channel was completely broken... This is good of course :)

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Mantra: Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem
This coin has big future!
Hold, guys.
It'll be 50$ in the end of the year, maybe 100$.
uptotop uptotop
It's just my opinion. Great idea of the project!
Hi Alan,

How do you see the trade developing from here on in?
Do you still see Targets 5 and 6 as reachable?

RLC tried making an attempt to breakout but it failed.

@alanmasters just out of curiosity, did you knew that this coin is going be listed on binance?
Seems like I mostly join the trades that don't move much :(
made this trade, took profits today. good call!
@alexdw5, I am glad you enjoyed this trade.
Thanks! Great profit on this one.
alanmasters TOP jakub.pawel.stawiarski
@jakub.pawel.stawiarski, Enjoy it, you deserve it.
Wow, nice overnight moves. Been systematically closing out as we go higher... Bittrex still waiting for targets 5 and 6...
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