SBER - To The Bottoooom!

MOEX:SBER   俄羅斯聯邦儲蓄銀行
I see this wave structure. Fundamentally, in confirmation of the development of such a scenario, disappointing news about new sanctions against the Russian Federation is coming out. I have only one question - where we will fall. I'm more disposed to the "blue" level. It will be necessary to look at the internal structure and partially fix on the levels.
交易結束:目標達成: The first target is reached. Fixed profits. But the price can go lower, according to the picture below. Green indicates the area where the price may fall (not more than the wave (3), because it is shorter than the wave (1)). There will look for purchase.
評論: All this time I tried to understand what had happened. I had to completely rebuild the structure of the wave A. I found there a mistake in the construction. As a result, brought the following picture:
I expect the continuation of the upward correction movement to the level of 230-240 rubles, where I will look for sales. With care, of course. In case I made a mistake again, and correction of A-B-C worked out, and this is the beginning of a new upward movement...
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