Consider a short position here. correction ahead before jump!

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Since USC and BTC price of SIA are very split at this time,
there will possibly be another correction for the BTC price
to match USD price again.
As soon as BTC rises and correction is done we should start
our flight.
Get ready and tighten your seatbelts!
#Followup #SC hardfork in 24hrs but still undervalued and not crossed +1000 sats yet.

As per technical analysis, its moving to break previous All Time High maybe within a week or max in 3 weeks (15th Feb).

It may not dip again after hardfork and keep moving.

Our intial buying under 200+ sats. We are still in +100% Profit and can follow 2 options.

1) Sale 50% (Your Invested Amount in trade) and chase the given upcoming targets using your profit amount.

2) #HoldStrong and wait for targets. We still believe it moving to 1000 to +900 sats.
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where you see scbtc in next days or weeks??i think it will cross 1000 soon!!!
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romankupkovic akashraza52
@akashraza52, I see it passing 650 until end of january.
what will happen the 21st for hard fork will it drop or rise more
romankupkovic JonathanJuliao
@JonathanJuliao, most people are axpecting a price jump so that should have a positive effect on it but who knows. its crypto
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romankupkovic romankupkovic
@romankupkovic, expecting*
Appreciate the update. SC can be purchased for a discount on Poloniex too.
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