SCBTC - Siacoin Bull Pennant Flag Breakout

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Hi, this is Rafael, from CryptoTwins.

Today I'm bringing here to you my view on Siacoin ( SC ).
Siacoin is almost in time to deliver their ASIC miners that could be used for the Siacoin mining and so other altcoins like Decred (DCR).
That sweet combination of Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis is making me believe in a possible sky rocket on Siacoin price.

Siacoin is now attempting a Breakout on a Bull Pennant . We are expecting it to grow as much as it grew while forming the Bull Pennant .
This is almost 48%. A 48% Grow would make Siacoin sit somewhere from 770 to 830 Satoshis.
Spread your sell orders as the price starts to climb so you won't feel like selling too early.

Buy-Zone: From 550 up to 605 Satoshis.


1 - 750 Satoshis
2 - 770 Satoshis
3 - 795 Satoshis
4 - 815 Satothis

Stop-Loss: 530 Satohis

Best Regards,

Rafa. - The Best Educated Trading Signals
交易進行: Price moving as expected.
評論: No sights of stopping for Siacoin. Indicators are bullish. The journey is not over.
Purchased at 383 hope i am not late.
it is now 338? when to buy?
cryptogrowing alharbi.maher
@alharbi.maher, hey, sir. You should be talking about Siacoin on Poloniex. My view is about Siacoin listed on Bittrex. There is a big divergence going on between those exchanges. Happy trading!
Following nicely. Good Work
+1 回覆
cryptogrowing CryptoCurrency_Jake
@CryptoCurrency_Jake, Thanks for your feedback! Moving right to the targets, let's wait for the best return.
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