SiaCoin Will Be More than 1$ 2018

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
What’s Next?
2018 is going to bring some big developments.

File sharing and other software improvements. In 2018 we will finally release file sharing between Sia users. This will introduce a new use-case for Sia , while also increasing network utilization and network effects. View the full roadmap here.

Enterprise partnerships. Our goal for Sia is to serve as the storage layer of the internet. We want companies like Dropbox and Netflix to use Sia to store and distribute their content. Once file sharing is introduced, we will be ready to approach companies for pilots and partnerships. By the end of 2018, expect to see several meaningful partnerships with enterprises who are storing data on Sia .

Updated Sia brand. The Sia software is clean and pure, and we will be updating the Sia branding to reflect those qualities and better appeal toward companies. Expect to see an updated logo, color scheme, and website, all of which will make Sia feel more modern and clean.

Overhauled Sia-UI. In addition to updating the brand, we have tasked Luxor with developing an overhauled Sia-UI. This will make Sia far easier to set up and use on a regular basis. They will start this work in Q1 of 2018.
Community and support. Steve Funk joined us full time as Head of Support, and he will be working to put together updated guides and documentation for using Sia . He’ll also be launching SiaTV, which will include video walkthroughs, tutorials, interviews, and more!

Marketing and public relations. We intentionally keep a low profile. In 2018, that will change. With Sia almost ready for early enterprise adoption, we have hired a public relations firm to increase awareness of Sia and decentralized cloud storage. We will also be increasing our inbound marketing efforts, improving the blog and putting out more high-quality content.

- sia blog

Screencap This PM Me When You Are On The Moon

good support at 0.38 fib. patience
Love this project and everything, but why do we need a coin for a tech like this? Could somebody explain?
Nice!! Hey, do you think that Bittrex and Poloniex will have the same price for SIACOIN? At the moment in bittrex the price is 564 sats and in poloniex the price is 377 sats.
I'm holding on poloniex, unfortunately. What should I do?

planabcfailed AirtonTiago
@AirtonTiago, you shoul make use of arbitration
planabcfailed planabcfailed
@planabcfailed, should*
AirtonTiago planabcfailed
@planabcfailed, It's not possible, because the siacoin wallet isn't working. I will wait till it works. :/
AirtonTiago AirtonTiago
@AirtonTiago, sia coin wallet of Bittrex
planabcfailed AirtonTiago
@AirtonTiago, thats a pity, prbbly one of the reasons for being offline is the arbitrage
cryptomix415 planabcfailed
@planabcfailed, recommendations?
Wow, looks great, would you nonetheless sell some % on the way up ? or hold for the month ?
thanks for your great advices and your good spirit
LouCarlito jordanovitch
@jordanovitch, hold it for two more week. and you will become rich
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