SC end of reverse Eliott and beginning of uptrend Eliott.

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Last target is over 300 sat
交易進行: Phase A just hit its target. A little fall back excepted!
交易進行: Phase B was done in the night (sorry, was sleeping) now aiming for C or first wave of Eliott. Stop loss a 166sat
交易進行: Phase C is done but we were rejected by price, after correction it should continue the uptrending 1-5 Eliott Waves BUT it may continue going downtrend with Elliott. Be careful!
評論: Well, thanks to some hacker that hacked McAfee's tweeter acc, our SC got pumped...and reached 1 wave, but it nothing tbh, only pump and dump. Hard to say now what will be consequences of this, maybe that additional volume will give it bullish movement, but it could also drag it to the bottom. Those hackers...
交易結束:目標達成: Aaaaand we are done! Target of fifth wave was a little bit higher than i excepted and too a liitle bit longer to reach it, bout we did it! Congrats for everybody!
交易結束:目標達成: From my entry we rached over 150%! I unfurtunetlly moved to another coin in loss, shouldnt do that :(

If you happy with this chart and have multipiled your portfolio, you can donate even small amounts for me on my btc adress:


I will really appriciate this!
Thanks and see ya on other charts!
I am definetely in . liked and followed you. Wow.

Could you please suggest me a book to read? you can even send a title by private massage if you are comfortable.
Dafewf Rofxod
@Rofxod, thanks! im not sure what type of book are you excepting from me. i never readed any book about trading/cryptocurrencies
Rofxod Dafewf
@Dafewf, lol. how did you learn ?
Dafewf Rofxod
@Rofxod, youtube, internet, own mistakes and others people charts analysis. But im still not a pro ;)
Hello Dafewf, how is it going?
Would you help me?
I'm full on siacoins.I know that I've made a mistake of being in just one operation. What should you do in my position? Keep it all on SIACOIN (since I bought it at 195 sats) and wait till it starts the uptrend or divide it in other coins?
I'm putting a stop loss at 150 sats.

Dafewf AirtonTiago
@AirtonTiago, you arent in that bad position, dont worry! i bought it at 250sat XD it seems for me that its able to go higher, just as i wrote in target. its surely will touch 195sat and if you are scared to hold it longer, you can sell it there. There is strong resistance at 200sat, so it may hit that and bounce back to 170. Also BTC movement can act bad at all alts so hard to predict. Dont worry tho, keep calm and train your patience. If it will look bad, i will do update ;)
@Dafewf, great analysis. I bought at 50 sats and aint gonna sell until it hits at least 350 sats. Siacoin is looking so extremely sexy.
Dafewf MisterShaker
@MisterShaker, nice profit you have here! choose lambo with nice colors! :D
@Dafewf, I didnt invest enough to have a lambo, but 2 years of rent will do perfectly fine for me haha.
whats the use of stop loss at 166 if it hits 160 sat n bounce back to 200 sat while we sleep :)

schas been dumped alot i think wont be dumped past 150
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