SC BTC breakout at key resistance level.

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
The breakout lines up really well with the daily fib and 0.32 fib level, plus I see the breakout has happened alongside a green 1 trading above a green 2 on the TD sequential (bull signal).
評論: Just keep an eye on it
Watch the volume
Look for sell/ buy walls on the exchange your'e using
See if you can spot the next best resistance line using fibs and previous price action
To me it certainly is reachign a major historic resistance line
pull out the daily chart
fits perfectly on the 0.382 fib
that 0.5 fib will be the next major resistance but it doesnt have much resistance at this point other than BTC action
But think of this --- BTC may be due for some consolidation or even a correction. If that's the case, SC will have even less resistance. People will see the price shift and it may produce a self-fulfilling prophecy.

RSI is slightly overbought, but this is a healthy bull run. Stoch RSI looks normal, not overbought. Watch for lower volume in overbought RSI range for a coming correction or the beginning of consolidation.
評論: Already up 40% while everything else hasn't corrected yet, so be wary and watch BTC.
評論: Pretty strong support may be found around the 349 range.
Watch this channel for possible support and resistance areas.

評論: Doji forming right on the next crucial fib level. Watch for either a breakout or a retracement.
in polo max 386
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@Kotzaaa, Oh wow.
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