Siacoin #SCUSD - one more wave to the upside? +315% possible!

BITTREX:SCUSD   Siacoin / US Dollar
The Siacoin SCUSD cryptocurrency price has four growth sub-waves. In the current situation, there is one more wave missing to complete the overall wave progression of the higher degree - wave 5. If the 0.0504 level is the end of wave 4 correction, the target range for wave 5 is between 0.1538 - 0.2167.

The necessary condition for further increases is the break out of the technical resistance level at 0.1132.

On the other hand, any violation of the level of the 0.0410 level invalidates the upward scenario.


Main trend: UP

Intermediate trend: UP

Daily trend: DROP / NEUTRAL (continuation of the correction and the option of breaking)


- for further increases - level 0.0838 and later 0.1132

- for continuation of correction - level 0.0838 and 0.05040

- for continuation of decreases - 0.0410

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PPS: The next analysis of the next cryptocurrency will be published, if this post receives a min. 100 likes. :)
交易進行: Steady as we go. The price is still in a channel, approaching the upper trend line. Needs an impulsive breakout to trigger wave one. Patience.
交易進行: Not much change here. Still in the channel. Watch the level of 0.0504.
Any update?
Any update? Maybe SCBTC? Thnx
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DanielDycha bibabiba
Very nice! Fingers crossed!
I think you nailed it :)
way to go !!
Nice Idea!
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It dropped till .0400 earlier today... is this trade still active or it is expected to go further low..
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@puneetga, would like to know too...
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