SIB Coin - For the Motherland!

BITTREX:SIBBTC   Sibcoin / Bitcoin
Hello Comrades, it's Moscow Mike with a new Alt trade,

Firstly just a brief rundown of the fundamental factors,

SIB Coin, formerly Siberian Chevron, is a Dash fork. It has an active development team and in my opinion is a very underated project which has been flying under the radar lately, however with the name rebrand, some upcoming marketing and usablility features such as a bluetooth offline wallet, this thing looks ready to take off like a Tupolev Tu-144 (very fast, bumpy and might come down quickly afterwards).

On the technical side, it's worth noting this coin has done a 100% re-trace from the last rally and there are some good signs that after some accumulation we will be ready to go again soon. Another thing to bear in mind is the lack of overhead resistance on this coin, which can be seen in it's history how prone it is to quick spikes upwards.

Daily view -

- We have an RSI in low territory and curling upwards suggesting a potential build of upwards momentum with tons of space to go
- MACD has just made bullish cross at a gentle angle in oversold territory.
- SMI has been oversold nearly constantly since Feb, this has seen a bullish cross and is making it's way up.

Our 3 day view tells a similar story, looking very over sold and MACD is looking to converge within the next week or sooner if it follows it's trajectory.

Buy in targets - 0.00011900 - 0.00014900

Sell targets will be updated as the trade develops, however my eyes are currently on the 0.00023 area as a good starting point if we pick up some volume .

Thanks for reading
交易進行: Interestingly lack of volume has propped up price as we are currently essentially frozen in time

But we are in a great buy in zone and so when volume returns so will the opportunity to get into position if you are not already
評論: Sib is following a clear uptrend and a classic accumulation

I predict action coming soon with initial targets at the 0.00028 area easily achievable
評論: A quick update on this one, whilst it has been a slow burner as we just haven't had the volume needed to push higher, I am still confident that we will be seeing some action coming soon, currently our MACD and RSI are telling us we have a few more days of sideways to go, but with a low volume coin like this it won't take much to kick things off.

I have updated key levels of resistance with the 0.00024 being key to break as things currently stand

It is early days yet but in my opinion this is one of those underdog coins you should keep an eye on in the coming year
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