There is an amazing relationship between Twitter and Snapchat. They both have had great earnings , TWTR will most likely correct itself this next week, while SNAP will remain bullish . Watch the integration of Bollinger Bands , I feel could mean a possible adjustment in their relationship regarding price. Also, about Twitter, I love this app and will take it long term over any other social media platform, it seems like Trump has given it the boost it needed, I can see it is remaining as a future powerhouse of communication - people are able to express their views in an open-fashion and the app has worked to interconnect them with political figures and news channels - I just feel there needs to be greater international expansion...
評論: SNAP needs changes if it wants to continue being on top in the social media industry. First of all, there has to be a more accessible way to add other snap chatter. Instagram has the flexibility to search for people and find whoever you need, SNAP doesn't. Also, Snapchat has to figure out a more efficient layout since many of its user are still upset with the changes of the app. The app doesn't show comments or other features that make the average person look good in public. For example, people post on Instagram to receive comments and better their image, just basic human psychology. Snapchat only allows people to share and receive comments but in PRIVATE. Snap should consider changing many of these features because the features the app has are already being covered by Instagram. Instagram is the app of the future, its versatility has allowed it to combine features of the top social media platforms including SNAP. Instagram is looking like the future in social media, this is of course excluding Twitter which is starting to look like an amazing platform to share ideas and communicate first-hand news. However, their company has to start generating more ad revenue. Going back to my initial topic, I believe SNAP still has time to live in the industry, but that time is running out. If the company doesn't start making changes it will be joining Vine, MySpace, and all the other dead platforms.
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