SNGLSBTC - More positive than negative signs on 4h candle

BINANCE:SNGLSBTC   SingularDTV / Bitcoin
MACD showing hidden bullish divergence with higher lows in price and lower lows in the oscillator.

RSI pointing up and below the 50 levels.

Price on the lower edge of the bollinger band combined with the indicators above suggests a pullback to the moving average

Hence signs are much more positive than negative! Watching for downward break, if rejection - buying in!
評論: Well that wasn't long
評論: Broke upper resistance. I know as soon as I published this idea, within an hour the price went up. But anyone who bought in are in profits now - enjoy!
評論: Sold at 3k sats - upper resistance. Yes I could have made more as it went upto 3.8k sats but no should have/could haves in this world! Be happy with your profits!

Good point to buy in again would be the at the support around 1.8k - 2.1k sats.
4h candle shows MACD converging, RSI pointing down so expect some downtrend for the next few hours and then pick up again...unless there's a pump.

No harm in putting a low limit buy :)
交易結束:目標達成: More or less hovers around the channel. Had a limit buy at 2k, didnt quite drop to that level but you can see you can make easy profits off this trade. Will give a new idea after more analysis.

Closed for now


What's your general strategy trading cryptos? For example, when you sell a coin do you usually keep the profits in BTC/ETH or do you convert into USDT? I feel like all these coins are so dependent on the price of BTC that you have the potential of losing your profits if BTC dips. Thanks for your advice.
Eyox uzairn
@uzairn, Good question, I generally have a portfolio with 20% min on BTC, rest on alts. I keep profits in BTC as I believe in the very long term, BTC will go up. So my strategy is keep accumulating BTC till I slowly sell of my profits when I'm happy.

Everyone has their own trading strategy but this is mine. Always keep a close eye on the TA for BTC - it is very difficult to predict but if general behavior is bearish - you can set good low limits at support points. Then buy the dip.
potential cup and handle on 4hr charts?
Eyox xena2000
@xena2000, Yes, although depends on the performance on BTC too. If we see another dip in BTC, we could test 1.6k sats again for SNGLS
great call on this, unfortunately I didn't see this earlier but just started following you. Looking forward to your upcoming picks :)
Eyox uzairn
@uzairn, There will always be an opportunity :) Don't worry :) And thank you so much for your kind words!
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