Status Network Token (SNT) - Bottomed out + Confirmed Breakout

BITTREX:SNTBTC   Status Network Token / Bitcoin
Status Network Token ( SNT ), one of my first very strong public trades, shared on Trading View around the 15th December, has reached bottom and it is breaking out again today. Let's take a quick look at this coin for a quick and profitable trade.

Status Network Token ( SNT ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Before we get started, let's take a nice quick look at the chart. I will show you the 4 hours chart and describe the rest below, here, for your learning and entertainment:
- The first thing that called me to track SNT was the bottoming out of the price on the charts. After that, I saw some great divergence on the MACD 4h chart as well as the RSI being oversold.
- The RSI being oversold is a very strong signal. This same signal is also available on the daily chart , which makes it even stronger.
- There is also a very strong breakout, which can be seen on the 4 hours chart and bullish sentiment on all the indicators.
- On the daily chart the indicators are trending up now with plenty of room for growth. What this means is that they are on the lower end of the chart, in the bearish zone, but they already reversed and are trending up, which allows for plenty of room for growth since they are looking and going up all the way from the bottom.
- These are just a few signals, but these are very strong signals, that's why we now move on to the trade instructions.


Buy-in: 0.00001550 - 0.00001850


(1) 0.00002055
(2) 0.00002204
(3) 0.00002405
(4) 0.00002965

Trade strategy: Aim for profits. A good 20% above your buy-in price is good to start securing profits. You can use the targets above as reference point, but the goal is to make 20-50% profits off this trade.

Stop loss: 0.00001299 (This is a very strong stop-loss. With the market acting stable lately, this isn't very likely to be needed).


When the sky is blue, the sun is out to shine.
When the sky is gray, the sun is still working from behind.

When I see the blue sky, I get this good feeling of a higher self.
When the sky is gray, I continue being grateful and enjoy the shadow for the day.

Either you like the blue sky or you like gray, the detail is not important, what is important is what you feel.
You can give me rain, sun or fire, and I will be thankful for what it is.

So regardless of the Sun & Day, I just go out every single morning and be sure to Thank You... for Today!

Thank You Sun (My loved supporter), what a beautiful day...

交易進行: Daily chart:
評論: Please allow time for this trade to develop and trade according to the trade instructions above.

Thanks for your continued support.
評論: This one is holding nicely, good to see that it can take the hit from the Bitcoin decline. The entire market is suffering but SNT held nicely.

Great sign of strength and growth potential.
交易進行: Trade still active. Please allow time for this trade to develop.

We might have a breakout as well...
評論: Please trade according to the instructions above.

1) Buy within our buy-in range.
2) Hold.

When the price goes up, sell for profits. You can use the "targets" to know when to sell.

If the price starts to crash and it goes down, activate your stop loss in order to cut your loss.

You only have 1 option, either wait or sell.

We are pretty far from our stop loss, so this is an easy hold.

Thank you for understanding.

This is a long term trade.
評論: I will take a second look soon.

I will be posting a new trade idea.
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Thanks Alan
Update?? Stoploss???
it is a scam
Is this coin safe to hold until the next alt coin rally?
update please
Tnx for update
Alan, please give us BTC update
@kirylch, Done.

Please find the time to check IOST on binance, massive volume last few days, went down hard! Not sure if bottom I need someone to confirm so I am not afraid to buy.
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