Three is the magic number. SP1! SPX Futures turning over

CME:SP1!   S&P 500 期貨
Futures didn't get any higher after US Close. I am looking for a big short soon. Miight see a few bounces between this latest channel.

Rate Hike off the table, UK Out of Europe. Severe capitulation in most FX pairs - Down down 600 points.

This could be bad over the next week, maybe even sooner if some big bombshells get dropped.
also future will come to know only after Asia will open and see reaction. That will determine USA futures.
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Onions LetsBeMillionaire
Agreed. I did mention that it will probably bounce between this area for a bit might see it at ATH as well.Just like the crash, a spike to ATH full of buying for the sake of the rally and then smash!

Just speculation might I add. I am not a doomsayer. Check the monthly I done. It's just setting up to go either way. That is what sways me to more bearishness in near future. Who knows could see a full blown summer rally!!!

Someone on stock twits posted a lovey chart showing BB width over an 88 year old monthly chart. Could pop massively!!!! I'll try and find it.
i see small relief rally and then fall. but i guess usa economy still doing better. Not seeing such free fall soon.
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