Thanksgiving: Trading the Turkey Week

SP:SPX   標準普爾500指數
Since 1996 US Stockmarkets on a historical view are almost every year "up" the three tradingday before stockmarkets are closed on thanksgiving. According to CNBC the upsidemomentum doesn´t stop than.

Stockmarkets going to up on avarage historic data on blackfriday as well and going to continue this momentum until christmas.

US sentiment indicator supporting an new leg to the upside. The CNN Fear & Greed index was down last week to "36" showing sentiment close to "extreme fear" even the top US-Stockmarket Indices are at or close to new all time highs. Short term target for this week is a fresh all time high for the S&P-500 Index.

Please check also the following trading ideas fully supporting a strong and longer lasting upside momentum until christmas.

交易進行: US Stockmarkets effecting Germany´s Stockmarkets as well.

交易進行: Follow the VIX to get the top of this move to the upside wich could end in a short or medium term top:

On Tuesday November 14th US tockmarkets open with a sharp sell off. The Dow Jones Industrial Index lost 168 points and reversed mostly all intraday losses. The DJIA Index ended on intraday highs.
VIX-Index and DJIA-Index showing simultanious reversal pattern indicating new all time highs for stockmarkets and vice versa new all time lows for the VIX. Target by end of 2017 is below 9.
交易進行: VIX dropped below 10 now. Past weeks rise to 14 generating now upsidemomentum for Xmas rally.
交易結束:目標達成: Trade closed, target reached: New All Time High for the S&P-500 Index. This was very fast. New ATH also for Techs.

Tech stocks boost Nasdaq to record

Technology stocks boosted the Nasdaq Composite index to a record at the open on Tuesday, while encouraging results from some retailers and Medtronic helped bolster the gains.
As the third-quarter earnings season winds down and with no major economic data scheduled for the week, trading volumes were thin and expected to get even quieter in the run-up to the Thanksgiving holiday.
交易結束:目標達成: SPX closed on new All Time Record High. This was much faster than expected and could mean there is more upsidemomentum to come. This trading idea is just limited to a fresh All Time High. We got it today thisfore this tradingidea could be closed succesfully.

交易結束:目標達成: S&P 500 Closes at Record Levels as Tech Stocks Soar
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