SPX Poised for 200 Point Rally

SP:SPX   標準普爾500指數
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Typically wave "one" of a standard five wave impulse has a retracement of 60 to 66%. The exception is during
a post triangle thrust. In prior posts I've note that the SPX decline from its all -time high was probably an Elliott wave - Horizontal Triangle.
The triangle appears to be complete and a post triangle thrust up could be under construction.

The SPX low on 5/24/18 was 2707.38.
A .236 retrace of the rally from 2594.62 to 2742.24 is 2707.40 a near bulls- eye hit.

My work using the "Market Profile" method shows a very strong value area has been formed between SPX 2707 and 2734. If the SPX does not
go below 2690 - this value area could provide a base for a big move up of at least 200 points in the next two to three weeks.
A move above SPX 2742.24 could be very bullish .

Mr.Rivest's use of straight technical analysis primarily Elliot Wave, and Fib Retracement
including his own patented 4 Dimension Analysis , allows him to measure price movement and market direction inside a bubble,
tuning out the masses who are focused on the same fundamental views, and deciding their investments accordingly.

Case in point, the worldwide stock market decline of 5/29/18, as potential panic gripped the world markets
became a new found concern of an Italian Debt Crisis.

Mr.Rivest's post above, simply and correctly labeled a quick correction back to the 2690 area, (lower on 5/29 to 2676)
as a buying opportunity, and labelled it as the start of a potential next leg up in the S+P.

Mr.Rivest continues to separate himself from the crowd, and I have seen him make some brilliant market LONG
calls in the face of mass panic.

The 5/29 shakeout in world markets could have been a colossal " Bear Trap " Only time shall tell.

markrivest The_Unwind

Hi Thanks for the compliment.

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