SP:SPX   標準普爾500指數
I think we will get a little more of a drop early next week before we push up. This consolidation is taking a long time so I have to adjust the target accordingly. I read a very brief but probably very true tweet about end of year profit selling. This guy said that there will be minimal selling for the end of 2017 because people are probably going to hold off until January 2018 to take advantage of the tax cuts. Well that makes sense. There is a small short term bullish divergence forming. We still have not resolved the long term very large bearish divergence but that might happen in January like that guy said. Time will tell. Be ready.

評論: We are almost vertical. Look at that short term channel. Lets see how high we get by the 19th.
評論: By the way....this is the highest that RSI for the SP500 has ever got.. At least in recent history. We may get to 90 before this thing rolls over.
We are in history....
This market is crazy...
Hi SalN, any plan to short this week?
SalN JackyQZ
No. Price surge was soooll strong last week that I am going to wait until maybe the 18th. The day before the vote for government funding. I don’t think it will pass right away@JackyQZ,
@SalN, Thanks ...
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