SPX500 : Short of New Year !!

FX:SPX500   標準普爾500指數
Spx 500 is clearly overstretched & overbought !!
The bears are on the losing side of calling the top again and again. But this time it's the bulls who need rest for the next 3-4 months. The correction wave 4 is about to start.
The Ger 30 is decoupled from the global bull run since last month. Is this a troubling sign ??
On the other hand Nifty which also completes its last wave 5 run is about to turn bearish . So either the Ger30 gets in sync with both these indexes or SPX500 & Nifty start the correction wave in tune with GER30 .

SPX 500 : Short @ 2700 Target : 2420 - 2330 Time : 3-4 Months By April - May 18
Nifty : Short @ 10700 Target : 9500 - 9300 Time : 3-4 Months By April - May 18

$ES Weeklies to start: slowest oscillator 81 ~corrective to 75 before damage
Inside....2799.50 continuation/2791.50 range lift/2783.50 back fill
O1...2808.50/2774.75 loses edge, begins consolidation
O3...2823.75-2827 next strong/2755.75 range drop accleration
2880 top range for parabolic chart
What view now? How to figure out the "TOP"?
Johnnyla22 dheerajsood
@dheerajsood, 2880!!!
AnbHfund dheerajsood
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