START : BTC - Long-term - 3000% Potential

BITTREX:STARTBTC   StartCoin / Bitcoin
Bottomed out.
MACD Cross
Increasing Volume
Waiting for Green candle to break out of trend line

Entry: 0.00002800 - 0.00003800

Targets (Fib):
1: 0.00020300
2: 0.00031000
3: 0.00039700
4: 0.00048400
5: 0.00060800
6: 0.00076600

SL: 0.00002100
評論: Honestly, I meant to publish this privately, haha. I make these while looking for alts that show they COULD become good, safe, profitable buys. Since I made it public, I'll leave that way.

START isn't there yet. This was my personal, "Hey, keep an eye on this" idea.
I wish you are right , but i think it'll go down 1000-2000 :)
Tuffsheet Mr-joker
@Mr-joker, You're probably right. It will probably retrace over the next few weeks. I'm just keeping an eye on this in case it pushes past the 14 month downtrend, so I can be ready to enter.

It may be weeks before it tells us which way it's going to go.
What if it stays at bottom?
Tuffsheet diamondeye966
It might. I'm ready to enter in case it breaks out of its 14 month down trend, but it hasn't done that yet.
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