STEEM for those STEAMY profits!


Undervalued project at only 1Billion, even if it does 5x from here it still puts it at only 1% of facebooks mkt cap, although my target is much higher than 5x. Technically looks great as well as it has broken its logarithmic downtrend, and looks to have completed its 5 wave up and ABC correction back down. We should now be starting the next wave up, and I expect this one to test or rebreak the 100k sats level before another minor pullback. Dans projects also seem to be getting more attention as of late as seen with EOS.

Good luck with your trades!
Nice chart! Some update?
Two days ago i thought it goes down to 3.43 $ as i saw a zig zag correction and MACD indicated that oversold territory is being aproached.
shootinshredder AlinConstantin
@AlinConstantin, not much to update for me, I'm mostly playing this one off the daily chart and adding on dips, there is a lot of upside on this, I posted a log chart so I think she has plenty room to run
I also believe it is going up. But, Steem is in no way worth 1% of what Facebook is worth.
SecludedJ SecludedJ
Steemit has about 220,000 unique visitors per day. Facebook has 1,360,000,000 (yep, billion) active users per day.
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