STORJ 2H Cup & Handle Chart 29% Short 110% in next 7 days

BITTREX:STORJBTC   Storj / Bitcoin
Here is another trade for everyone! In my trades I am hoping to find quick gainers for folks looking for short investment cycles as well as trades that can be held for long term higher returns. I intend to provide entry points, trade targets, profit gathering plans and stop losses. These trades are based on chart research, technical analysis , and current media/ market perceptions. I advise how I plan to take my unrealized gains(profit) from the trade until I have recouped all my initial investment. At this point you will be trading on house money.I also will point out at which point you can take the initial profit as suggested by the chart for quick gains. As always this is my trade opinion and the strategy i am implementing for my trades. Do your own research and never risk more then you can afford to loose. Please feel free to ask me questions and or comment your thoughts on my ideas.

Thank You & Good Luck!!

Entry Point .00014600 to .00016200
2) Target .00016266 (.5 FIB)
3) Target .00017937 (.618 FIB) Take Profit 20%
4) Target .00020383 (.786 FIB) Take Profit 25%
5) Target .00023498 (1 FIB) Take Profit 25%
6) Target .00029543 Take Profit 30% (House Money Now)
7) Target .00032495 (1.618 FIB)
8) Target .00047052

Stop Loss .000012000 20% +/-
Close trade at .00020383 for 29% Gain

Remember to evaluate using your risk model and trading plan. This is a short term/ longterm trade. Patience is the Key! As always I will follow this trade and update it along the way!
評論: New entry point at 12700. This coin is headed up after the BTC run today!
評論: Nice run to 2137. If you are still holding this coin reload. Looking for support at 14225 or before to reverse this trend. Golden opportunity to reload ans make additional profit.
評論: right now with this market wide correction I am holding all my trades. Altcoins have made some good rebounds since the sell off first of the week. I feel like BTC needs to give us better signals before we can figure out the alts exactly. I will be updating all my trades I am following this weekend. I should be able to give a much better analysis by then. For now hold with patience. Thanks
house money now? what does it means .
thanks for the update :)
vthokiee97 PRO silent_sniper_
@silent_sniper_, sorry it’s an expression for you have gained enough on the security that you can withdraw your initial position (principal) and still be in the trade with interest or gains only. Thanks
Let's get in! The chart looks really good
vthokiee97 PRO philcartier
@philcartier, thank you
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