$STORJ is breaking out

BITTREX:STORJBTC   Storj / Bitcoin
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Just a quickie....
Saw this one called on Twitter and wanted to share it with you.

Storj was in a downtrend, found a bottom and bounced, made a flat correction and currently breaking out of the downtrend AND the flat.
On the 240 you can see rise in volume , in the last period of downtrend. Good sign that whales were accumulating.

Tradingadvice: try to wait for a consolidation instead of chasing candles.

Will update later when the trend is more clear so I can determine a target but I think it has lots of room to the upside.
評論: forgot to update here, but this tweeted earlier today this scenario

Hi Crypto_Ed,
How about this trade now?
Thank you!
time frame?
So should stop loss be at the top yellow line?
I can see this easily reaching 3x the value again, as I bought into it back in the day at 24k and sold it at 2.5x the value in a few weeks time.

And if I can grab this at 15-16k now and reach the same levels? Phew... sold!

Ed, keep us posted on the future signals coming out of this one... I'll be monitoring this thread as well for any updates.

Much appreciated amigo!
I just wish Sia would follow suit.
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"In the 240 you can see rise in volume , in the last period of downtrend"
Where do we see that? What are whales?
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Won't miss it this time Crypto_Ed! At what satoshi level would you recommend selling Crypto_Ed?
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