Trend Reversal Signals

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I would like to show you one of possible variants how to trade trend reversals. I use SMA100 as the signal line confirming bullish or bearish trends. If the price drops below SMA100, for me, it's a trend reversal signal and time for searching sell opportunities. If the price moves above SMA100, a new uptrend begins and I search for buy opportunities. In this example the price broke SMA100. MACD supported upward movement. ADX line of DMI rose and it confirmed strong price movement. It was the trend reversal signal with further upward movement. Such trading based on trend reversals is simple, don't you think so?

And which tools you use for trading trend reversals? Please, share in comments.
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long time no update :(
Any update please MR D.
thanks a lot!
I am still learning, so thank you for explaining :)
Thanks for the analysis!
I use the intersection points of lines EMA (settings: close 55; 89; 144; 200) to calculate the trend reversal point, on the 15-minute timeframe. To determine the readiness for a breakthrough (up or down) I use BB. To clarify the levels of support and resistance, I use Fibonacci. If I am present near a computer, with an actively developing trend, I follow the volume and MACD.
I apologize for my weak English. It would be easier for me to communicate with you in Russian. :)
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pitchup DUKER
@DUKER, your english is excellent. Thanks for the tips!
DUKER pitchup
@pitchup, Thank you for your compliment!
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