STRAT 28 December 2017 Chart

BITTREX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
STRAT, or Stratis, great coin with some opportunities next days.

Let's see the TA and a small recap from the earlier charts. Made a small breakout, but due to Bitcoin it dropped back in the support zone . Did hold on this support + kept the uptrend line going and did hit the first target.

So, we've some scenario's right now:

Scenario 1: Breakout, breaking this resistance, landing on this resistance to see whether this can become support and after that we'll go to 118K.

Scenario 2: Can't break out, we'll drop back to 85K, breakout after that and the same route as described above.

This is a chance to make 15-25% within a few days, stop/loss just below the uptrend line in case we're dropping down.

Good luck!
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You are God.It is like you have seen future.
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@berkkarabacak, Haha, thanks!
People seem to have loved $STRAT for 2-3 weeks on Twitter land. I see a general trend (I'm new to this TA stuff)...so thankful for your charts. Still trying to find best ways to figure out entry and exits. I've seen something called "Fibs" which I believe is Fibonacci. But I haven't seen a consistency in how to "pin" that or anchor it to the chart. e.g. Last low? or support line? (so many touch points) or a certain EMA...

I imagine your green cloud like bars are based on a similar methodology?
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@devosp, Yeah,been struggling with fibonacci and correct entry and exit point too. I've been doing a bit of trading too but with more luck then wisdom I guess. Would be nice if Michael could clear these 2 things out for us :)
@devosp, thanks for replying! No, messed up the colors of the bars a bit, will explain them a little more:

Left bar in red: resistance level, which now turned support level as you see in the middle.
Left top bar in red: support level over there, but I've turned it red, because it's the first resistance level we'll be seeing when we breakout, which we did.
Green bars on the right: resistance levels and possible sell zones.

Also, these are based on history why I've chosen these levels, simply resistance and support levels. You can translate these with Fibonacci levels, mostly they'll be on the same, but it will make your chart stronger to choose where the coin possibly bouncing or finding resistance.
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