STRAT Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis

BITTREX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
Technical Analysis:-
RSI: RSI showing Bull Div . which is reversal sign in midterm not in Long Term
MACD: MACD Histogram also showing Bull Div . which is reversal sign in Mid Term
Volume: Volume is Not Yet Spiked, whales have not enter which will bring down after little bit up Because No Proper Reversal has been seen in any indicator in long run even Weekly and Monthly Chart Still looks Bearish .
Triangle: In 1d chart it is making Descending triangle if it break this then it will take long dip near 50
Long Term: May be coming months it will be start It's Bullish trend for Long Term
Fundamental Analysis:
Mid Term Chart is Bullish due to some upcoming positive News, Next Month in March there are some news
1- ICO on Strat Platform
2- Smart Contract
3- Alpha Release
4- iOS app

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Why are you using 12345 for downtrend steps?..Isnt better ABCDE and for firs wave 12345 not ABC?
Thanks for answer
@hocx1, overall trend bearish not bullish
In bearish trend impulsive waves always in downward
hocx1 h3art

i meant like that...those this have the same meaning?
@hocx1, It's not easy for strat to complete 1,2,3,4,5 in upward
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