STRATIS 2X potential in near future

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
Stratis is already late to the party while we have all been waiting patiently for the big move. Our first target would be 21K Satoshi, when STRAT completes the cup curvature.
Also, lots of exiting news out there support Stratis' future growth against BTC             and USD.
Future updates coming once we reach the target.

We have a very strong support at 86 levels that we retested twice yesterday.
Daily Stoch RSI looks good.
4h is doing really well on all indicators.
評論: Startis against Ethereum looks strong
評論: Stratis is going to catch up with Ripple soon!
評論: There are unverified news out there that Coinbase's going to add STRAT and Dash along with Ripple to its platform in January. Also, 2 'verified' flagship ICO's on Stratis platform are going to be made public on January 31. And guess what? The next few weeks are gonna be very exciting for STRAT investors. Therefore, accumulate and HODL!
評論: Patience is always rewarded.
We just passed 130k Satoshis. We may have the first stop around 150k. Then back up again.
This is just the beginning of a new era for STRAT.
We should get to T4 by the end of January.
when moon?
Nowadays jsparrow9
@jsparrow9, based on my estimation, starting from Sunday (tomorrow). It has to happen within this weekly candle. But we're just starting. Stratis platform could be one of the next big ones out there with ICO's coming at the end of January. Pretty much following Ethereum, with more potential to grow.
jsparrow9 Nowadays
@Nowadays, stratis is slow, there are too many ICOs already.
are those like 20 ma's? :D
Nowadays fskoro
@fskoro, EMA 1 to 40, made it myself :)
fskoro Nowadays
@Nowadays, OMG :D looks dope!
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