Stratis Long-Term.Point of entry for 500 %profit.

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
The most likely that stratis correction is not over because there is one more demand zone on about 0.0002 lvl -0.15% where Stratis can fall. In my opinion STRAT makes ABC Elliot correction (3-3-5) waves.We can observed that when STRATIS firstly touched demand zone it grew well with 3 waves (A-B-C) but ABC can not be a growth waves lonely , It can be a growth only in main huge ABC correction what we can see from June.ANd of course after secondary ABC we see 5 waves ( like in Elliot's teory ), may be they are not perfect but they are.One question when fifth wave ends and we can fill our bags .We can consider that 5th wave finished and upward trend started but volume is low and market focused on BTC .If Bitcoin continues sharp rise to 10 000$ I guess Stratis fall to 0.0002 lvl .So it is your choice enter now or earlier.
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agreed gud chart
I think it's over. You can get a better idea by looking at the STRATUSD chart and comparing it to other USD charts. This is a typical corrective pattern, and really, we should be on the rise right now to about $8.50.
fiksiplay SecludedJ
@SecludedJ, I checked it , if btc will grow and STRAT/BTC will fall --> strat/usd can be on one place
SecludedJ fiksiplay
@fiksiplay, but you show it goes down about 80% from where it is. That would mean bitcoin would need to go to $35,000 and STRAT stay at $3.60. STRAT is on a path to $8.50.

Also, I'm not trolling. I follow you. This is just what my long time observation is. I've been following strat for months and I bought in at $2.80. ''Tis time for the rise.
fiksiplay SecludedJ
@SecludedJ, I understood and perhaps the uptrend start , but I mean that it can stay on demand zone and jump and fall to 2$ Lvl like before. So falling to 2$ - 2.2 $ it is our needed 80% in STRAT/BTC
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