Stratis follows BTC fractal of 2014

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
We could see more retracement down to 50-70k if Stratis's fractal structure behaves similarly what BTC did in 2014. BTC's lowest retracements levels should be reached somewhere in the blue box in October and November.
Stratis and it's team was praised during the run-up but now people come out of the woodwork being frustrated and criticizing this and that everything should be handled differently.
However, the team's decisions have relatively little influence on this fractal structure and price is not a direct reflection of their performance. I think they are alright but still, the price might drop simply because it has to.
Then after all frustrated people have dropped their bags a new market cycle begins.

Factors that could negate this scenario would be a renewed general rush towards Altcoins after BTC finished its current ascend or a disruptive success of Breeze wallet with Thumblebit creating a direct relationship between Stratis and BTC valuation.
交易進行: Stratis bid volume on exchanges gets thinner and thinner which makes the price more susceptible to dumps. Meanwhile, even on their slack chat, they begin to notice the relative weakness "BTC up-Strat down. BTC down-Strat down. Always down.
Many persons began (sic) to be tired."
Price has yet to break down decisively but I can't see the strong buy support that some other ideas talk about.
交易進行: I have compared fractal structures again.
If this wasn't the bottom already it should be reached within the next two weeks. The blue box might be a bit on the lower end of the distribution.
The mood in all Stratis groups and Bitcointalk has reached a low, which makes it unappealing for new investors, hence the price drop.
交易進行: Now should be a good time to build up a position provided the prediction holds true.
To be cautious one could wait until the last 10 days of November to see if Stratis finally stabilized. If it doesn't drop further and stays in the range then there is a good chance it will go up in December and the following months, since they are finally releasing their products.
nice one
If a trader were to scale into a position (not only Startis but probably for many other Altcoins) good points might be 25% at each quarter of the blue box starting today.
Price decreases of 20-30% per day are not sustainable in the long run, we're entering the market territory of Spring 2017 only this time the other way around...
Good Chart
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