Stratis Long Term Trade

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
This is a long term trade and it's based on a trend reversal signal. The price is going to break SMA100 and it gives us a new trading opportunity. We can use the local high as a level for placing pending orders for buy. MACD lines and DMI confirm upward movement. But in short term we can see downward movement to the uptrend line. RSI confirms price reversal and it gives a bearish signal. If the market can stay above the uptrend line and bounce from it, we'll have confirmation of a new uptrend. Entry level is 0.000880 with stop orders below the support at 0.000360 level. Profit targets are 0.002500 and 0.004200 resistance levels.
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update please
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UPDATE ?????????
any update plz
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Happy New year. this work was amazing the upward movement is happening exactly on the day that you predict. Thanks very much for your work. Do not leave us
Hey bro, There is blood on all altcoins For 7H now after the bitcoin hurry rise. My question: are we gonna saw more blood than now in the next hours days, in this case i have to sold stratis.
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jbotos CreedDinos
@CreedDinos, Are we going to see more blood then now in the next few hours, in this case I have to sell stratis.
Hi, Is there a platform that I can trade in this currency. I am after a site where I can deposit £ or $ and trade . Thanks everyone
Justmehere Justmehere
@Justmehere, Looking for something like ETORO but with more markets in crypto
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