Stellar How to Trade

The price bounces from SMA20 and RSI confirms price reversal. In spite of MACD confirms further downward movement, we can place pending orders for buy above the high of the bullish candle in order to catch possible new upward movement in time. The possible entry level should be 0.79 with stop orders below the local swing low at 0.61 level. This buy signal can be considered as short term trading with close profit targets at 0.90 and 1.00 levels. But if you want to take part in long term trading, it's better to wait for price reversal from the support zone which is formed by SMA50 and 0.50 support level . Buying from this zone, we'll do have more potential for new upward wave.
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Please update
Nice bounce at 0.5 and we broke resistance on the XRP Moneygram news. New targets? 1-2$?
any update? trade active now? but i still seeing bearish movement here
If we go further down from here, what would our next buy in be? $0,35ish?
Amazing analysis DLavrov, thanks again buddy!
Is this one still valid because of the stoploss?
Up we go!
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