SUB Looking To Go Underwater

BINANCE:SUBBTC   Substratum / Bitcoin
Substratum is a great project. Good fundamentals. However there are many signals that it is going down for some consolidation after a great bull run.

1. H&S has just completed.
2. RSI way under 50 and no signs of reversal yet.
3. Bearish MACD cross.
4. Price under the kumo on the 4h.

I suggest layered buys at each entry.

PM me for targets, custom charts or if you want to join my charting course.
評論: Entries 1 and 2 hit. This is playing out nicely. Thanks market crash
評論: Hope you're accumulating low
Yeah it looks like it is heading that way sadly. I am looking to re-enter around 1.40-1.57 if it hits that mark.
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Brisben tist006
@tist006, USD? What's it at now?
The volume doesn't really seem to be there tho
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Brisben carlino_ny
@carlino_ny, Volume is only one part of the equation
yes, sub has followed h&s after the stellar bull ran over last 2 weeks. I entered at 0.000144 sats during the dip between head and right shoulder. What could be the short term high on this bearish short to exit?
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Brisben alienxx
@alienxx, I'd consider selling soon because if the 4h candle closes below the neckline its not good news.
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