Bullish on Substratum!

BINANCE:SUBBTC   Substratum / Bitcoin
Some ideas where I think Substratum will potential go over the next few weeks/months. A lot of good stuff to come from this project including the Public Beta followed by a product release if successful.

I'm hodling and not trading this one, but a good entry point could be when/if we break the pennant that's forming right now. I expect this to retrace at some point to the 4th part of the wave, and then continue back up. I've used Fibonacci retracements/extensions to try and predict this move but it's likely that this won't be 100% accurate (you never can be).

If your trading this then sell points at the 2.618, 3.618 and 4.236 marks could be decent targets for you to set. Personally I would wait for a good entry point and hold for the next few months.

Good luck!
評論: Pennant has been broken, looks like we're now forming an Ascending Triangle. Expect a break out to the upside soon!

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評論: support has been broken for the Ascending Triangle, Bitcoin is looking weak so we could see a negative price movement. I expect it to recover quickly if this happens.
評論: Breakout confirmed, adjusted charts accordingly. We're back on!

評論: Re adjusted, still same targets but it took a little longer to get to wave 3.

Still expect a correction soon, might go a bit higher than 13500 sat's but Bitcoin is preparing for another bull run.


A nice healthy correction for Substratum. We may not go down anymore as it has been on a monster run (way higher than I thought it would go this month) but It's possible that we hit the 0.618. I've measured this fib from when we started to break out from previous ATH's

We could be set for another huge run, so now might be a good buying opportunity.
How she lookin?
kickflip360 cameronc
@cameronc, Still in an Ascending Triangle, BTC going down so most altcoins are following.
kickflip360 cameronc
is it better to buy in bitcoin or ethereum?
@zhraan, ETH would be cheaper and quicker
zhraan kickflip360
@kickflip360, yeah I bought in ethereum do you mind doing an analysis on that or is it the same lol
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