Substratum update

Here's an for my previous Substratum chart - it seems the price will not go further down and there will be no double zigzag pattern - it's more likely that Substratum's correction has ended and the price is now moving sideways in the first consolidation range, staying just above the trend line . If momentum gains, expect a pretty nice price jump of about 20% going to the next consolidation range.
評論: Quick update - I believe Substratum reached it's short term target and maybe we'll see a small correction.

Quick update - Substratum's price is slowly moving upwards and could be forming a cup - watch out for a jump to the next point of control being nearly 8000 satoshi, making this a 33% profit.

Quick update on Substratum - the result from launching the beta has been a quite substantial price jump. The price could settle either above 7000 satoshi or below 5800. I personally expect it around 7500 level in April.

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