Syscoin history is repeating itself once again, 25K+ sats!

BITTREX:SYSBTC   SysCoin / Bitcoin
Sys/btc just confirmed the breakout through this years resistance line. It bounced and is ready to move to new highs in 2018. Expected growth: 2016 flag breakout and more. Volume increase is indicating a X5-X7 rise in btc value. Ichimoku and Direction indicators are showing it's taking off any day now (Basic subscription....)

Keeping in mind what's coming for sys in the next month(s), we can assure you that this will only be fuel on the fire for 2018 all time high (25k+sats and beyond).

Coming in Q1 are:
-The long expected Blockmarket Web (everyone with a browser will be able to make use of the benefits of crypto currencies through this web marketplace)
*Merchants are already confirmed with over a million SKU's (see blog to know which ones)
*Fiat gateway
*Import filter for ebay/amazon sellers will come live so any one can import their stock from these websites to BM Web
*Integrated escrow service
*Different in-build shipping options
-Masternodes (100k coins, Dynamic retur based on amount of nodes on the network , Seniority bonus, fee voting system like dash has)
-Total Rebranding of syscoin's/Blockchainfoundry's image done by ballistic arts (Video content, Logo redesign, Website redesign and more to be announced)
-Blockchainfoundry's listing on the canadian stockmarket ( will cause some buzz in the stockmarket sector and will probably attract new investors to syscoin aswell)
-Syscoin's API 2.0 including a hard-fork

For the rest of the year:
-Blockmarket Pro (anyone will be able to host their own marketplace front-end on the syscoin protocol)
*Real estate partnership already confirmed. Blockchainfoundry has been working with them since february 2017.
Link to blog article:
-Syscoin assets in combination with EVM (Like ico's, but each coin on a chain will be highly programmable)
*Cashing in and out at online Casinos without waiting for a long chain of slow confirmations or bank account transfers lasting days
Instant purchase of in-game tokens such as power-ups
*Green energy tokens representing kWh
*Instant token transfers among players in multiplayer games such as online poker
*A token can be colored (signed) with additional, unique data, such as avatar, special powers, etc., to represent a character in a virtual world. Tokens would be fully tradable. You could also trade your Alias that has multiple characters.
*Minting new coins to send and receive value (with pos-capability) and issuing ICOs on top of SYS
*Diamonds and jewelries: Each token can be signed with additional data to allow witnesses or notaries to verify each stage of the process that the diamond would go through; for example, mining, cutting, recutting, mounting, etc.
*Limited-edition products: hand-made music instruments, antiques, vehicles, etc. Each token represents one item and can include additional custom data such as serial number, color, and other features.
*All of these assets could be traded on Blockmarket, or a customized marketplace built on the Syscoin blockchain.

Useful links:
-Masternodes and token issuance:
-Masternode rewards:
-Slack invite link: join.syscoin. org
-Syscoin twitter:
-Syscoin devs twitter accounts:
-Community written article:
-Syscoin to do list 2018:
-Introduction to Blockchainfoundry (the company that created syscoin and the Blockmarket dapp on top of it.):

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