Possible Reversal After Repeated Equal Waves Down

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The brutal downtrend period from 6/25 - 7/12 consisted entirely of repeated equal waves. It's arguable that 6/19 - 6/26 was as well. I'm sticking with 6/25 as the starting point as that seems more distinguishable. I am no Elliot Wave expert. However, time and again, when I spot equal waves they play out as expected - the price eventually returns to the wave starting point. In this case that is up to .0001 or beyond.

Now we are awaiting reversal confirmation. A return to .000049 would be a strong indication of reversal, but I am being more bold because the price is consolidating closer to resistance, selling has become much thinner, and fundamentals are strong now and likely for the next several months.

Fundamentals: Syscoin's external security audit results were posted for public reading, and very positive overall considering the nature of such audits. The release date for the Public version of Blockmarket Desktop will be announced some time next week (8/28 - 9/1). I expect its release not long at all from the time of the announcement. Syscoin team has also stated Blockmarket Web will be released not long after the Desktop version. Mobile to follow. Blockmarket app appears ahead of the game in functionality and ease of use compared to other marketplace solutions I've seen. There is also word of a new upcoming Core version which could bring any number of new features and functionality. According to devs, the next several months will be huge for SYS , "beyond just Blockmarket".

Long term value and potentially good short term gains.
交易進行: Updated the chart a bit.

Rough idea of where I think we're heading.
評論: The movements seem to be panning out according to my last update... Just moving faster than expected!
Seems to be moving up. Mind posting an update? Thanks, and subscribing to you.
oneEyedJack fifcandles
@fifcandles, Done.
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