Syscoin - USD chart in full harmony with itsself

BITTREX:SYSUSD   SysCoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hi friends

As most of you already know, I have a very bullish opinion on syscoin in the coming months.

Normally I check the btc charts when I trade altcoins but decided to watch the usd chart this time, and I must say I didnt regret to do so. The long term movements on the usd charts are in full harmony as the dumps after a period of strong rise in value, are relatively short and strong (between 18 and 27 days). We recently have had a same sort of dump from mid january till the beginning of february. After that period syscoin recovered quickly.

On the 3d charts the EMA50 indicator acted as support for a year now and the price touched that support and had a strong bounce from there, confirming the bullish momentum for me.

With the upcoming release of masternodes, blockmarket web, first ICO + airdrop (CPScoin) and the founding company of syscoin (blockchain foundry) planning to get listed on the Toronto stock exchange, I am expecting syscoin to set a new all time high in the coming months. In terms of dollars, $2.50 would definitely not surprise me. Thats also a key fibonacci level on the usd chart.

I bought in very low and adviced my followers to do so also back in december, so always do your own research before buying and wait for dips.
thanks for ur effort general, please keep it updated if possible, best.
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