No stop loss needid if you get in early easy 500% plus stradegy

BITTREX:THCBTC   HempCoin / Bitcoin
News Trading strategy for More volume during hype SA and TA.

This Strategy is simple to use and can be very successful when executing on brake outs,

Trade was entered @ the 850 Sats Brakeout with a plan of holding until there Hard folk and apparently DASH partnership announcement 31 Jan.
As you can see in the chart and the crypto market it is very bullish at the mo for ALTs as the BTC dominance dropped since the CME futures taken place in December.
My strategy is as simple as it gets as I don't like to much noise on my charts. Ive set FIB at the 3000 mark as Zero rounded numbers
play an important role in buys and stops I believe charts are moved by Physiology over anything else witch makes this strategy simple..
If we can pass the 4500 mark around the 20th of jan it'll show more indication that people are buying into the hype.
Once my social media is filled with crypto calendar THC Folk bla bla bla itll pass the 5000 mark.
Stop order will be manually placed either on the 28th or the first week of feb depending on the News.
This strategy is a cross between hold and sold ATM Im 500% profit.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to check my plan for this trade its not the typical day trade stradegy but We can enter past the 4500 mark or buy limit 4000 will leave a follow up after the announcement Ill most likely sell 75% of the trade before hand incase they dont follow through as they have a lack of replying on my question to westher the hardfolk and partnership is confirmed.
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