Theta. P-Modeling Pt 1. Decoding the Global Signal.

BINANCE:THETABTC   Theta Token / Bitcoin
Welcome. This is Geometricc Linear Regression Modeling applied to THETA. This is Part One of creating THETA's algorithm based on my theoretical methodology.
Be sure to come back for updates! Hit that like button and let me know what you think.

I have decided to give my geometricc linear regression modeling another contender. Up until now, my modeling framework has only been applied to Bitcoin , Ethereum , Zilliqa, EOS, and ETC. We are about to add BTC to the mix. These new algorithms being designed are going to feature new constructs in the methodology that build upon the old constructs in Bitcoin and Ethereum . This methodology is about to expand to 12 coins across three algorithm engineers on my team. So keep an eye out for other people actively applying this methodology in TA.

What you are looking at is the 1 Day global signal of THETA and its decoded geometry based upon my foundation theory in my methodology. It is quite beautiful if you ask me.. but theta is very young and I do not have a lot of data to play with here. I am using Binance for this chart, and they just released Theta on Binance recently.

The idea here is to convince you, that what i am doing is not arbitrary but unique and useful. I know the immediate inclination is to doubt what I am doing. That is expected.. and understandable.. But human nature is unpredictable. And you never know when you can learn new things and be completely shocked at someones EXTREMELY insane ideas.. I like going against the norm.. being different is what makes you stand out.. So stand out from the rest.

Understand I have been making these charts for about 3 months now, that is it.. I do not recommend placing money on my charts, so do not ask me for advice. My background is not financial analysis or trading.I have very little understanding of traditional TA tools and indicators, but i am learning.

Understand that what I am doing is new. It is Theoretical. Thus being it is theoretical, take it with a grain of salt.
I am certain i have found validity in what I am doing, so I will keep doing it. Despite any failures, or incorrect calls, or emotional builds ups only leading to disappointment. Is that not the fun of it? I found this stuff ultra fun and it works a good portion of the time it seems. But I am only human.. Humans make mistakes.
When rendering a model in my algorithm, the proposition that upholds the belief theory is subjective to a degree. I chose the best place I THINK it would go. Period. I follow the geometry as I see it in my eyes. That is subjective. No A.I. in crypyto trading has the ability to have subjectivity. But I do. No A.I algorithm created has subjectivity, unless it is a hybrid that incorporates HUMANS into it's analysis. The human operator is the most important aspect in understanding the real complex nature of human emotion and its interplay in something like crypto trading; as all bots programmed to trade (are based on emotions, and desires of the HUMAN programmer). Thus bots although automatic, ooze the emotional desires of the human programmer. An observable behavioral phenomena, to the train eyed.

The only way you can learn about my technique is to watch what i am doing. YOU WILL FIND THIS NOWHERE ELSE. As this is designed from scratch based off other research I am working on in my professional domain. This is a grand experiment, I thank you for all participating with me! Hit that like button, it lets me know you are watching like a ninja in the background!

If you are confused how i got here.. Please go back and look at my charts. They are sequentially marked by Pt's for easy identification.

As always thanks for looking,
評論: A better view.
評論: 8/1 Gann Line broken. We are just outside the Gann fan.. We must re-enter the 8/1

評論: Excellent.

評論: Jumped to the next divergent boundary line from the MO.

評論: Arrow Validation confirmed. We hit the predicted arrow targets.
評論: 8/1 Gann Fan Validation.

評論: Target Red line below Gann fan 8/1

評論: Drop looks juicy

評論: Last predicted drop I had was confirmed.. We are now situated between the Gann Fan and The red Master Operator boundary line.

We need to stabilize somewhere. We are floating in THETA. Price action to come soon for boundary stabilization.

評論: Theta is showing some interesting stuff..

Lower boundary drop target found.
評論: Lower boundary drop target is active.

completion of this drop will complete a nice geometric shape.

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