TNBBTC Bullish short and long term!

BINANCE:TNBBTC   Time New Bank / Bitcoin
792 8
On the daily chart it's following the Elliott impulse and it hit the exact buy zone regions, already retraced to between 0.5 and 0.618 which is an excellent retracement, should very soon climb back up to ATH and possibly past the ATH . Buy off will start slow followed by explosion in volume . Typical wave.

The token is used to pay celebrties to meet them and interact with them by the second. The beta app was just launched and I really see this token becomeing very popular in china as how people love to meet celebrties but can't do so easily. This token allows people to meet celebrities and pay them by the second using $TNB token. Imagine if just a tiny portion of the Chinese population start using this. The token is listed on both Binance and Bitfinex upon the first month of release. Now that tells you something since it's not easy at all to get listed on the top 2 exchnages in the world in the first month upon token release. I am almost confident that this will atleast hit 0.3$ short term and 1$ long term.

取消訂單: Broke out of of the buy zone, we might see further downward trend to 800-900 satoshi's
I'm thinking the same. It's a really interesting concept to be able to put your time up for sale and for people to be able to buy it. Could be fun for celebrities too - to interact with their fans this way. It's really unique.
IvelinAngelov CorySchulz
@CorySchulz, But then again, why use crypto when you can pay cash for the time of other people.... makes no sense this coin, it's unusable.
Props for the chart though, i've opened a position from 1300 sats before I saw your chart, still gonna ride to first target and drop this coin
mhesh006 IvelinAngelov
@IvelinAngelov, If it was that simple then everyone would throw money at celeb's to meet them. What $TNB allows you to do is meet them through skype for example or backstage using the $TNB token through their application. You basically set an appointment/place/time/method of interaction weather it's to take pics sit down and chill with celebs and so on. It's a convienvent way to do so all in one app. So far they have large K pop stars that are ready to use the app like KjK (gangnam style dude is on it). Also, knowing that k.pop is popular in asia this app should boom. The demand created behind the token is that it's necessary for payment and only way to do so.
umaroth- mhesh006
@mhesh006, As someone who got in at 1600 and rode the jump to 2200 this is quite sad to watch... what do you say the end of February will look like for TNB? Proper sales from Kpop members and others start in 5-6 days.
umaroth- umaroth-
@umaroth-, january i mean
@umaroth-, I'm in the exact same boat as you, got in at 1600, was excited to see the initial jump, aaand down it went. I do see a decent future here but it'll have to boom quite a lot now just to break even.
galaxy94 umaroth-
@umaroth-, It jumped to 2200 because the coin got listed to Bittrex at that moment, resulting in the sudden spike. Happens with all newly posted coins. Other than that, the coin is probably very undervalued right now.
mhesh006 umaroth-
@umaroth-, I feel you I personally got in at 1500 sats approx but I only went in 20% of what i wanted to put in $TNB as I felt like the volume is dropping thus following elliot wave theory. I think by the end of this month we could see a new ATH. Ofcourse the only problem being is BTC. If BTC stabilizes then it's a good sign generally for all alts. For $TNB it looks like 1200 sats is the floor for now.
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