Tron next moves as expected after previous awesome TA

Tron is increasing as we saw it broke it's bearish trend line and here's we gonna get a soon.
1 confirmation when the pink line will pass through blue.
2nd another confirmation will be when the orange line will cross the light blue line.
3rd another confirmation can be when it will enter in ichimoku's cloud and will cross it then we can see a clear breakout of TRON .
Almost everything is confirmed and still bullish . RSI , MACD , CCI confirming everything no need to say anything over that.

1st Target : 750sats
2nd Target : 1123sats
3rd Target : 1500sats

No Stop Losses

I will keep you updates on TRON .
Even major impact will be on 31st March on test net release we will be seeing it to go on 2000 satoshi's

Remember i am not your financial advisor so be careful with your own stuff only put that money which you can afford to lose. and there are no stop loss cause buy and HODL
Maybe we can see an Elliot wave on same levels or on bigger levels nearby. And if you also wants to see Tron to go to 2000 satoshi's then hit like or agree and hold till the moon. Like = Preys for Tron now.

And wait till 31st march of TestNet Launch.

TRON is following exactly as we expected and told in previous TA. Follow for more awesome TA's
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No stop losses ?? Lol
So next hours hits 750... Should rebuy at 674/10 and the next hit 1123 in some mlre days... Its impossible to hit 2k sat in the next hours with the test net...
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25000 sats mainnet
@CryptoBlake, well well well
If trx hit 2k sat then there is no resistance?
@juanimorello, no for 2k sats we have to will till MAY but it's goldrush dude
Hope this one will also follow exactly like previous one did. U r the best dude.
BitcoinBillionairesNews sidharthkaushik01
@sidharthkaushik01, if you earned some money welcome and thanks for staying up with me i appreciate that. you can check out my channels for 24/7 live streams.
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