TRXBTC Next 24 Hours are critical to get back into grow trend

If thronix will hold the 1300 next 24 hours, there is still a chance to grow back to ATH

$trx #tronix seems not able to survive even small Bitcoin correction of 15% resulting to 50% crush from 2000 to 1000 in last 24 hours.

This is indicator of purely speculative coin for which corrections below psychological levels in this case 1500, 1000, 500 satoshi could result to total crush because there are no enough basis community ready to invest into $TRX at any dip.

I don't see any unique technology behind this coin.

All what i was able to find it is premined cin like Ripple Made in China and based on Ether
Almost no any innovative implementation
No use case in real economy
Could you tell me when to buy in in USD? please
viparmenia AdamYonas
@AdamYonas, if you want to speculate really buy cheap coins lke PND Pandacoin or even PAC would have more chancec as of just starting at 1 Satoshi
When should I buy in VIParmenia please tell me or you don't recommend TRX?
viparmenia AdamYonas
@AdamYonas, I would not suggest to buy for long term.
There would be a chance at 500 that would jump to 700 but then Game Over.
+1 回覆
they have a great team, and they do their marketing in the best way not like XVG team )
golge Avetisyan
@Avetisyan, so... They're just giving out false hope hopeful and spreading hype... Duy noted.
@golge, they can create much more partnership and spread technology than any other average or small team
anilrofl Avetisyan
@Avetisyan, What technology are you serious lol dogs ha ?
viparmenia Avetisyan
@Avetisyan, Marketing?
Which marketing?
The first think one see when opening official web page is "Ranking, Price and Volume" means the marketing punts on first place the price.

For an Utility Coin that whants to be a basis coin for API and in App purchases, the technology, partnership and use case are important and not the price.
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