TRON Trading Opportunity, Increase your position before launch

TRX/BTC showing signs of strength, high volume on top 5 exchanges.
RSI nearing 70
Stoch RSI tapering off

What you should do
Risky: Sell under the 0.786 retrace, or at 452 satoshis, and buy back in at support of around 390 satoshis
Safe: Sell at resistance of 403, at 0.5 retrace, buy back in at support of 390 satoshis.
Alernative: Ride the wave and sell during or after test-net pump at 514 sat target.

This gamble can likely increase your TRX position by around 10% while you wait for the test-net pump

Please criticize me so I can improve my technical analysis . Thank you
評論: This idea did pan out for the first few days as expected, however in a much shorter time than expected. TRX is looking to be one of the fast movers, next TA's will learn from this.
Great analysis. I think you called the bounds trading a bit early. The setup was showing either a flag or a bound trading. What I liked is that you actually called it a gamble which is true for an early caller. Overall, good one :)
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so far yoyu have called it, when does the test net release?
Samujjal CryptoColm
@CryptoColm, 9 days left for the TestNet to going to launch. . .
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