This is a classic cup & handle up trend continuation pattern. Bottom looks to be 0.07 - 0.08 will break new highs just my observation.
Look at EOS on the day chart EOS/ETH , now that's a nice cup and handle!
lol im not the only one that noticed the trend, im no expert nor claim to be one

TRX is a good buying opportunity IMO

dont invest any money that you cant lose.
Just follow the lines and resistances. Support at 0.02.
There's no cup at all. And if there was, it would be half empty, and not half full.
Good luck with your yellow painting skills.
@itexperience, lol where do you see TRX by spring?
itexperience calvinhollingshed1
Crypto is not predictable, nor explainable.
But i would not be surprised if it stabilizes around 0.003....
Unless there's a pump and dump group, trying to manipulate the value...
can you use crayon to depict this better?? WTF, dont give people faulse hopes!! too much fud, to many fuck heads tweeting "to the moon and lambo" XVG holders alike ... seriously, BE CAREFUL!!!! I would hold till moment before the partnership announcement of which space company they are partnering with. Every announcement leads to a drop in price! Idiots!
@poundsystem, lol no false hope

TRX is up 410% in the last 30 days

it shot up to .20 and now is facing a correction .. a normal correction its currently at .08 cents will be .50 by the spring

but again what do i know? i'm only a man
"classic" cup and handle? LOL no
That's half of cup. Maybe it will result in a chiwawa run.
This is not a cup and handle. Stop projecting what you WANT to see.
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