TRXBTC - optimistic and pessimistic scenarios

The indicators for TRX on the daily chart are still looking promising. The hourly charts - not so much.
If TRX - is an overinflated bubble - we may expect a pessimistic scenario (here is in red)
If TRX - is a promising project with a great potential - we have an optimistic scenario (here is in aquamarine color)
Let's see what scenario will win.
評論: We are in a critical zone now, where a break down at the (C) support would confirm a negative trend.
評論: Establishing a very strong support at 0.236 Fib level (0.000006 sat)
評論: Tron listing on Huobi:
手動結束交易: Unfortunately, the pessimistic scenario played out. I am manually closing this trade.
Do you see it going up today?
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MaximBar WaqasRajab
@WaqasRajab, no, unfortunately.
good! i hope scenario optimistic! i buy in 0.07$
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Thank you for showing both scenarios! This is a good level-headed assessment.
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I bought with 0.20$ with Big money , so i have no choice , im holding
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dlchira medamineDev
@medamineDev, I feel like we'll all look back in the long-term and consider getting in at $0.20 to have been very, very early, even if we have to weather the occasional correction. Good luck. :)
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Thanks for making this. Nice to see both scenarios juxtaposed in one view. I believe TRX is a strong project, and next week's partnership announcement will hopefully set us along the optimistic course.
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MaximBar dlchira
@dlchira, I hope so!
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