[TRON] "BUY & HOLD" Perfect Time to Sky Rocket!

A Tiny digital Coin to TOP 10 cryptocurrencies, Tron has made it's move or still in action?

TRXBTC Market Capitalizations - $971,846,000 (24hr TILL NOW)

Hold your positions with CMP at 1050

Set Targets to
Target 1: 0.01481 (48%)
Target 2: 0.01847 (83%)
Target 3: 0.02829 (182%)

have any doubts? than, let us know in the comment section below
and make sure to give this analysis a Thumbs UP +_+
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Source - General public Information!
交易進行: RISING STAR - TRON STILL A BUY, any doubts comment below or DM!
交易進行: TRXBTC Market Capitalizations - Dropped from $971,846,000 to $685,094,000
Going sideways for now, waiting for more updated, Still expected to rise!
交易進行: an important note why this analysis is posted and the core reason is of course in debt relationship with Alibaba, that's the reason why we are still holding this coin even though it's going sideways but always remember if you didn't buy low you didn't buy low and don't wait for the confirmation till it becomes officials because than it'll be gone. so grab the opportunity, hype is real and surely at this point it will going to render some profits at the end because that's how long term works,
Hope this all makes a valid point to put in consideration with current scenario,
at BloomFX - Forex signals

for B2B -
why people say that trx plagiarized white paper from other coins? Is there any real evidence for this information?
Just increased my percentage in TRX,

Let the bots manipulate the price as they have been, this inturn contributes to panic sales. Those that HOLD will reap in the benefits.
+3 回覆
Falling wedge continuation pattern. Hodl
AbhilashRD JoshrGoodman
@JoshrGoodman, What does a wedge continuation pattern mean? Is it good to hold now?
JoshrGoodman AbhilashRD
@AbhilashRD, I am holding all my TRX
+1 回覆
JoshrGoodman JoshrGoodman
in fact, increasing my position
+1 回覆
AbhilashRD JoshrGoodman
@JoshrGoodman, Okay, thank you :)
Partnership with Beofeng Announced (china company)
+1 回覆
Wow that was a masacre. What will you guys do if its not AliBaba and its another bike company lol
jumpinn_jim yousufj56
@yousufj56, what have I missed? what is the disaster?
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