TRX/BTC breakout.

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- Tron Foundation is a Chinese company. However the foundation is registered in Singapore.
- Aims to be the decentralized internet with focus on digital content creation, gaming, voting, media, video, rewards etc.
- Technical teams looks good with CTO worked at Tier 1 China internet companies. However, team is lacking in blockchain experienced developers.
- Platform has no blockchain explorer yet.
- Tokens are ECR-20 Tokens. Need more research wether they will issue their own native tokens like EOS once the TRON decentralized platform is live.
- Justin Sun has good PR . Worked with Ripple as the representative in China. Made the banking possible at China for Ripple (Need verification). Graduated from Jack Ma university. Poise to be the next billion dollar company in China (or aspires to be).

Technical Analysis.

TRX reached all time high and climbing very fast 1 month.

A month ago, the price has been accumulating at 25-30 satoshi. About 2 cents - 4 cents at that time.
Movements has been trending upwards week by week since then.

Price breakout after it broke 245 sats .

Both MA, EMA shows no signs of crossover yet.

Target 1 - 900 satoshi

Target 2 - 1100 satoshi

If it dips, expect the retracement at 336 satoshi

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